Zodiac Killer Cipher Finally Cracked After 51 Years, And It’s As Chilling As You’d Expect
The police sketch of the Zodiac Killer bears a remarkable resemblace to Stewart’s father’s mugshot

The FBI announced that the code attributed to the Zodiac Killer was recently resolved by “ordinary citizens” as Melbourne mathematician, “Samuel Blake” and two of his colleagues in cryptography were officially recognized by the United States FBI to solve A 50-year-old coded message written by an as-yet-unnamed serial killer, known only as of the Zodiac.

According to the statement, Dr. Blake worked on deciphering the message known as “Code 340” with two other cryptologists and a supercomputer at the University of Melbourne called Spartan to reveal its content at the end. The code carries a distinct circle with a cross in the middle and was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle. On November 8, 1969, by a man who called himself “Zodiac”.

The killer sent letters to newspapers over several years until 1974, including evidence that he was responsible for the deaths of at least five people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The official interpretation of the 340-character code provides insight into the killer’s thoughts and actions but does not reveal his name as promised in separate letters to the newspapers.

The interpretation revealed the letter’s words that had been mailed to the Chronicle in the victim’s blood-stained shirt, which said:

“I hope you are enjoying your attempt to catch me, it was not me who appeared on the TV show, which raises a point about me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber (an execution method, which is a device to kill by the method of poisonous gas), because this will send me towards Heaven immediately, because now I have slaves working for me, while when others reach Heaven they will have nothing, so they are afraid, but I am not, because I know that my new life will be easy in Heaven. ”

In 1969, a teacher and his wife managed to solve a code bearing the number 408, in which Zodiac said, “I love killing because it is so fun.”


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