Tiffany and her fiancé Michael
Tiffany and her fiancé Michael

Tiffany, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, began dating the young businessman of Lebanese descent, Michael Boulos, when she met him during her vacation in Greece in the summer of 2018, according to the newspaper “Big 6”, at the time.

Michael Boulos was born in Texas in 1997 and grew up in Nigeria, where his wealthy family owns major investment projects there. He joined the American International School in Lagos, which US media describes as an “elite international school.”

As for Tiffany Trump, she was born in October 1993, which means that she is about 4 years older than her fiancé, who officially announced her engagement on Tuesday.

The wealthy Pauls family moved to Nigeria when Michael was young, and there they established the “Paul Foundation”, a multibillion-dollar auto and equipment conglomerate, retail and construction conglomerate.

The American newspaper quoted a source close to Tiffany, in November 2018, that the daughter of the former US president “introduced Michael to her family on Thanksgiving Day, a very smart young man from a large family.”

But the beginning of Tiffany and Michael’s meeting was in January 2018, when the paparazzi in the upscale London neighborhood of Knightsbridge surprised them as they entered the private dining club “Musemans” known as the “Montblanc” romantic room, which accommodates only two people.

But their first published picture was in September 2018, during a fashion show in Manhattan, New York, where they were joined by his childhood friend, Kamal Karami, and Tiffany’s friend in New York, Susan Sheen, according to the American “Town and Country” magazine.

Despite Donald Trump’s statements in January 2018, which were considered offensive to some African countries, Paul’s family, coming from Nigeria, did not seem disturbed, as Michael and his parents celebrated Christmas Eve with the Trump family at the White House in 2019, and took a picture with Tiffany and her parents.

Tiffany posted a picture of her collecting Michael in front of the Christmas tree in early 2020.

Paul also attended Trump’s State of the Union address in February 2020 alongside the Trump family. It appeared that he and Tiffany Gadan, having released Paul, had their photo with other Trump children and their partners during the event


Details about Michael Paul’s family:

His father, Dr. Massad Boulos, oversees the family businesses, and his mother, Sarah Boulos, is the founder of the Performing Arts Association of Nigeria, which considers itself “a destination for performing art, dance, theater, music, and the visual arts”.

Paul has two sisters, Orian and Sophie, and a similar brother named Faris, who is an actor who trained under famous Los Angeles coach Constance Tillotson. Fares has posted his rap videos on YouTube.

In addition to obtaining a degree in project and risk management finance from City University in London, Michael helps run his family’s business in Nigeria and even worked as a manager for some of his father’s companies. He holds a degree in Business Administration from “Regent’s” University, London.

“Big 6” quoted its sources as saying that Tiffany and Michael were devoting themselves “to their studies and really support each other’s career aspirations.” They were “enjoying each other’s company.”


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