After US President Donald Trump announced Thursday night that he and his wife Melania were infected with the new Coronavirus after they underwent tests that gave a positive result, the president who is running for the presidential elections will be subject to quarantine about a month before the polls, and thus Trump will be absent from the election campaign, what is the impact of that on his electoral future.

Trump’s infection with COVID-19 has canceled many of the upcoming rallies next week and the president now faces an “unlikely” scenario for a candidate who may suspend his campaign 32 days before the election date.

The campaign trip scheduled for Saturday in Florida isn’t the only trip Donald Trump has to cancel. His agenda for next week is saturated with rallies, as he was scheduled to take place Sunday in Wisconsin, Monday in Georgia, Tuesday in Ohio, and Wednesday in Arizona … All of this election program will be reviewed after the outgoing president announced Friday that he had contracted Covid-19.

At least 10 days of quarantine

In its latest announcement, the CDC’s position was clear: A person who shows positive COVID-19 tests must be subject to quarantine for at least 10 days, whether or not they develop symptoms of the disease. According to these health recommendations, the US President must undergo, in addition to 10 days of quarantine, an additional 24-hour period to ensure his health and that he will not develop a fever, and this without taking any medicine.

In theory, if Donald Trump respected this rule strictly, he would cut short his campaign. At least about the gatherings he loves, because video speeches are not his favorite activity at all.

Did Trump pull from the ballot box?

According to the New York Times, “Donald Trump’s positive test result could create immediate difficulties in his campaign against former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., his Democratic opponent just 33 days before the presidential election scheduled for November 3.”

To what does the US election law stipulate if a candidate becomes seriously ill or, worse still, dies before election day? For the Democrats, the 447 members of the National Committee must choose a new candidate. The chair of this body, Tom Perez, must meet with elected party officials and at the end of these consultations, he sends a report to the DNC members for them to make a decision.

As for the Republican Party, the rules for the Republican Committee are similar but more complex.



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