Why stopped trials of the Chinese vaccine for Corona in Brazil?
Brazil’s Sao Paulo state governor Joao Doria holds a box of China’s Sinovac COVID-1

Brazil is the second most affected country by the emerging coronavirus, which causes the “Covid-19” disease, in terms of the number of deaths after the United States, with about 165,000 deaths recorded to date.

Since before the virus officially reached it, the Brazilian “Vue Cruz” center, which specializes in research in vaccines and infectious diseases, rushed to obtain the genetic material for the Coronavirus to start studying and identifying it, and soon after that, cases of the virus began to appear in the country and spread quickly, setting records worldwide. , Before returning, and the number of injuries and deaths decreased relatively since last August.

A large number of injuries in Brazil had negative effects on the lives of Brazilians in all its forms, but at the same time, it encouraged vaccine production companies and scientific institutes to invest in the fertile Brazilian environment in this field and to accelerate to conduct their tests on its lands so that Brazil today is hosting all the promising vaccines in its trial stages. The latter, due to its vast experience in the production and distribution of vaccines, as it produces and distributes annually 80 million doses of influenza vaccine to its citizens smoothly, with the presence of specialized and capable centers, in addition to the ease of securing and monitoring volunteers.

Early on, the state of Sao Paulo signed an agreement with the Chinese company, Sinovac Biotech, which developed the Coronavac vaccine, to conduct tests on more than 9,000 volunteers from the state in the third and final stage of the vaccine, which allows it to obtain 46 million A dose of the vaccine as soon as its effectiveness is proven and before the end of 2020, then more doses are produced in cooperation with the famous Botantan Institute within the same state, bringing the number of vaccines expected to be obtained in the first months of 2021 to 100 million doses.

State Governor Joao Doria repeatedly stressed that the vaccine production is approaching and that no side effect or dangerous effect appeared on any of the volunteers in the experiments, and things seemed very optimistic.

However, the Brazilian Health Supervision Authority – empowered to monitor the progress of experiments and grant licenses – suddenly decided on November 9 to stop all trials of the Coronavac vaccine in Brazil, justifying its decision in an official statement that a “dangerous event” was reported that requires review and taking this decision until Verify information.


The news was a shock to the Brazilians, as well as to the president of the “Butantan” Institute, Dimas Kovaz, who said that he was surprised by the decision of the censorship board, and confirmed that the institute had received the news through the media and that the institute had already reported the death of one of the volunteers, but for reasons not related to the vaccine and its experiments, stressing In a press conference, the issue of vaccines should be kept out of the political debate so as not to affect the community anticipating the vaccine, stressing that the authority’s decision did not affect the course of experiments and preparations for production processes.


This comes a day after the supervisory authority reversed its decision and allowed again to complete the tests related to the Sinovac vaccine after it had stopped for three days.



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