Why do people forget dreams?

Scientists, from Monash University in Australia, in Melbourne, announced the discovery of why humans forget dreams.

According to scientists, a person spends a third of his life in a state of sleep, but practically he never remembers what he dreamed of.

he scientists indicated that this is due to the distinctive characteristics of the work of the brain associated with the processes of sleep and waking, adding that the sections of the brain do not sleep simultaneously, but at different times, as the hippocampus is the last to go to sleep, while it is the last to wake up.

The scientists added that the hippocampus is responsible for transferring information from the short-term (temporary) memory to the long-term (permanent) memory. As the hippocampus is the last to wake up, the information about dreams in temporary memory is not transferred to permanent memory, and thus it is difficult for a person to remember dreams upon waking.

Meanwhile, the hippocampus is also able to wake up for a short time and in the middle of the night, which explains why some dreams move into permanent memory and people remember them.

However, this mechanism is still not well understood, as some scientists have linked dream forgetting to the specificity of neurotransmitters, but there is no detailed study that confirms this.


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