George Clooney
George Clooney
Loyalty is one of the characteristics of the esteemed and also some of the celebrities who do not forget in the days of prosperity, wealth, and fame who stood by their side with love, sincerity, and generosity in the days of their poverty and their first beginnings, and among those loyal, the handsome star George Clooney.

Years ago, a rumor circulated: “George Clooney gave each of his close old friends a million dollars.” George Clooney recently confirmed the truth of this rumor himself, so why is he so generous towards them? Especially since he was the only one who did this among the stars of the West and the East.
The majority of international agencies and newspapers circulated with interest, the assertion of the handsome 59-year-old American actor, George Clooney, that 14 of his close old friends gave him one million dollars each.
According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, George Clooney said in an interview with “GQ” magazine, which was chosen by the man of the year in 2020: “At that time, he did not have a family to spend on, so he was happy to give money to his friends.”

He gave them their favor and shared his wealth with them

George and Amal Clooney
George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney explained the reason for his great generosity towards them, saying: “His friends helped him when he needed them, indicating that he borrowed money from them when he was penniless before the fame and he often slept on the couches of their homes when he did not have his own place to sleep in.
Clooney revealed that he wanted to share with his friends his success and wealth because they helped him for 35 years, so he invited his friends to have dinner one night, put $ 14 million in an old van, and wrote on it a “florist”, accompanied by his special assistant, and 2 of The security men guarded this huge sum, and he handed them a bag containing one million dollars in cash, and when he arrived at his home he put a million dollars in each bag and sat waiting for their arrival. ”
And Clooney continued, saying: “When they arrived, he put in front of them a map of the world, and Clooney had marked distinct countries and places that he visited and admired, and asked them to choose the areas they want to visit, and surprised them by saying: You can do that. What do you think of who gives each one of you a million dollars?”.

His friend Randy Gerber donated the million-year gift to charity

George and Amal Clooney
George and Amal Clooney

As for his close friend, former fashion model Rondi Gerber, he did not accept the million dollars at first, except after Clooney warned him, that if he did not accept, the other friends would not take as well, so he took the million and donated it to charity, and Randy Garber’s fortune today is estimated at 400 million dollars, After selling him a beverage company he set up with George Clooney and a third mutual friend.
George Clooney added that he gave this sum to his friends in 2013, after the success of the science fiction movie “Graffiti” in which he co-starred.
“I was thinking that I will not marry or have children. I will work and have good friends, my life is complete and I am fine,” he said.
Clooney continued, “But I did not know how incomplete my life was until I met Amal, and everything changed. And I felt there was a great void in my life.”

He advocates for black rights

It is noteworthy that George Clooney revealed in his dialogue many aspects of his life, and made clear that he opposes racial discrimination between whites and blacks, and that he hopes that protests will remain in his country against discrimination between blacks whose lives and rights were plundered for 400 peaceful years.


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