new strain

Today, Sunday, the World Health Organization confirmed that the new strain of Coronavirus, which was recently discovered in Britain, has spread to three other countries.

The World Health Organization confirms that the new Corona strain has spread in 3 other countries, in addition to Britain
Maria Van Kerkhove, an American expert specializing in infectious emergency diseases within the health emergency program and the technical city to confront the Coronavirus pandemic at the United Nations organization, said in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”, that those countries are Denmark and the Netherlands as well as Australia, where they have registered One case of infection with the new strain.

Van Kerkhove expressed the World Health Organization’s concern about the emergence of new chains of Corona, stressing that the organization’s experts are continuing to study the new strain with the aim of increasing their knowledge about the ability of the epidemic to change.

And the British authorities announced raising the level of epidemiological alert in the capital, London, and the southeast of England, to the highest level, against the backdrop of the emergence of the new strain of Corona, which Health Minister Matt Hancock admitted today that its outbreak is out of control.



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