In the first comment on the application’s privacy policy amendment, WhatsApp responded to its criticism of sharing user data with Facebook and answered important questions that occurred to users.

The new announcement of changing the privacy policy raised many questions among users regarding how WhatsApp uses their data and the mechanisms that allow commercial activities to benefit from that information, especially with regard to sharing data with Facebook.

Private messages and calls

“WhatsApp” indicated in a post that he and “Facebook” will not be able to read users’ messages or see the content of their calls made through the application.

And “WhatsApp” pointed out that the messages of the application are encrypted in the “two-party” manner, that is, converting a message into a secret message by its original sender, and decrypting it only by the intended final recipient.

Record keeping

“WhatsApp” confirms that it does not keep records of the users who send messages or use the application’s communication feature, and it is considered in its post that storing such data represents “a threat to privacy and security.”

Website monitoring

“WhatsApp” denied sharing users’ sites with “Facebook”, stressing that this feature is also subject to encryption, meaning that no one is able to know the location of the user except for those who share this information.


When the user gives permission to “WhatsApp” to share the contacts saved in the communications log, they are not shared with “Facebook”, as the goal of this authority is to make the correspondence faster and more reliable.

Privacy of groups

“WhatsApp” uses group membership to deliver messages accurately and protect the service from spam and annoying advertising, noting that the application confirms that this data is not shared with “Facebook” for advertising purposes.

Download data

WhatsApp users can also download the data and information that the application has on the account.


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