donald trump
Donald trump

There was controversy in the media about a tweet spread on the social networking site “Twitter” whose owner claimed that Donald Trump will lose money and will not be able to run for president in 2024.

The website of the “abc7” TV channel stated that a tweet published last Friday received a very high turnout, and its owner put it under a headline that says, “For those who wonder if it is worth removing him this time, this means that:

He will lose his pension, $ 200,000 for the rest of his life.
He would lose a travel allowance of $ 1 million a year.
He would lose the entire Secret Service procedures for life.
He will lose the ability to run in 2024.
The American TV channel pointed out that this tweet is inaccurate in several ways, and in turn saw that Trump, in the event of the success of the isolation measures, “will not lose his pension after the presidency, unless the House of Representatives votes to prosecute him, then the Senate voted to remove him from office, and procedures will not be performed.” Isolation itself, without isolation, deprives Trump of any benefits. ”

The site also pointed out that the law says that “presidents who enjoy lifelong secret service protection do not receive a travel allowance of one million dollars.”

In its comment on this tweet, the TV channel said that the issue of the possibility of denying Trump the protection of the Secret Service for life, even if the Senate votes to remove him and prevent him from running, is completely unclear.

It also concluded that the Senate, even if it voted to dismiss Trump, would not prevent him from running in the 2024 elections, adding that “for the Senate to prevent him from running for the presidency, he will have to conduct an additional vote on this issue.”

Source: twitter


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