What are the symptoms of the Corona vaccine and can they be tolerated?

The world is currently concerned about the side effects of the (Covid 19) virus vaccine, and the concern lies in the symptoms that those who receive the vaccine will suffer from.

In this regard, the committee set up by the White House to accelerate the development of vaccines against Corona, confirmed the safety of the two vaccines that were announced by (Moderna) and (Pfizer).

The initiative experts confirmed that side effects were observed among (10-15) vaccine volunteers, but this is not a cause for concern.

Moncef Slaoui, who heads the initiative of former US President Donald Trump, said that these complications may continue for one and a half days only, meaning that it is only a very short period.

People who had side effects reported redness and pain at the site of the dose, as well as heat and muscle pain.

Slaoui confirmed that most of the volunteers in the vaccine clinical trials did not show any worrisome symptoms, adding that the vaccine indicators at the short level are reassuring, and the indicators of the medium-term have become clear, but the safety of the vaccine in the long term is not yet defined, according to Sky translation Arab News).

Slaoui reassurance comes as the United States prepares to distribute the vaccine against the Coronavirus within two weeks.

It is expected that a vote will take place, Tuesday, in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on criteria that determine who will be the first to receive the vaccine, when it is approved for emergency use.

And previously, American doctors advised intensifying awareness campaigns so that people are aware of some of the side effects that may surprise them when taking the vaccine.


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