What are the dangers caused by the mutated Corona strain?
Mutant coronavirus variant discovered in SIX countries outside UK

News is circulating about the effects of the rapid mutation of the “mutated Corona strain, Covid-19”, which was discovered in Britain and scientists say that it “is spreading at a faster rate, and affects children and young people of young ages.”

While experts say that the scientific information received so far about the new Corona strain of the virus can be controlled, others see the need to judge the emerging virus until it is studied in more depth.

Experts attribute that the new changes are linked to changes in the nature of the virus or the causes of its behavior, which means a greater increase in the number of infections, and thus greater pressure on hospitals and health institutions and an increase in the rate of deaths as a result of the virus.

The experts confirmed that the other strains of the virus were not of the same pace of speed, in addition to being not very capable of infecting children, while Covid-19 in its known form affects the elderly at a faster rate and affects their lives in the event of previous disease symptoms.

The World Health Organization had said that every ten people infected with the mutated virus could transmit the infection to 15 others, while the rate of transmission of infection with previously known strains in Britain is only 11 people.

The new situation prompted a number of countries to re-take precautionary measures represented by stopping travel for a week from all its land and airports, including the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while Jordan announced a two-week suspension of travel to and from Britain, and Sweden also announced the extension of the travel ban to and from Britain until next year.

At the level of Arab countries, the Oman authority announced the discovery of 4 cases of the new strain of Covid-19, while Lebanon announced the registration of 3 cases of infection with the new strain for travelers coming from the United Kingdom, while countries in South Africa also announced the detection of people infected with the new mutated strain of the Coronavirus Novelty.

Mechanism of the mutation of the new Corona strain

Many scientific sources quoted by the BBC indicated that the new Corona strain formed in the lungs of an infected person in the United Kingdom, or in another country with less ability to monitor the genetic mutations that the virus develops.

The BBC said that “the new Corona strain has infected a large number of people in the United Kingdom, especially in London, the east and the southeast of the country,” while medical statistical data revealed that new cases of people with the mutated strain in Denmark, Australia, and the Netherlands are of people coming from the United Kingdom…

 The feasibility of vaccines against the new Corona strain

Medical studies indicate that vaccines provide an immune barrier against COVID-19 and its mutated strains. Where vaccines help the immune system to attack many parts of the virus, even if different and multiple genetic mutations occur, which contributes to strengthening the immune system.

Experts say that these vaccines and as a result of the development that occurs with the virus, need a continuous development process through specialized scientific research that studies the genetic mutations of the virus, and the effects resulting from it, and studies the mechanisms of action of vaccines and how to repel the virus.

Despite all that is said about the mutated virus, scientists have confirmed that there is no confirmed information so far that the mutated virus is more deadly than previous viruses.

12,000 genetic mutations

For his part, the expert in epidemiology Dr. said. Munir Abu Hilala: “The emerging coronavirus, Covid-19, since its discovery until now, has occurred in it about 12 thousand genetic mutations, but all of them did not have any effect on the behavior of the virus.”

Dr. added. Abu Hilala that “the new Corona strain began last September, but it was revealed at the beginning of this month,” noting that its effects are more rapid and widespread, which leads to a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations, injuries, and deaths.

Dr. said. Abu Hilala: “We are waiting for information from the United Kingdom so that we can compare the existence of any differences,” noting that “the Pfizer vaccine has been given to large numbers of people in Britain, and from here it is possible to monitor the effect of the vaccine on the new strain.”

And about a statement by the head of the German “Biontech” network, Ugur Shaheen, to the German news agency DPA, that the company has already tested the vaccine against 20 different strains and achieved a successful immune response that led to the inactivation of the virus, Dr. Abu Hilala, it is necessary to wait in order to ensure that this permit was not issued by the company for advertising reasons.




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