The US elections are coming
The US elections are coming

November the 3rd/  all the lights are shed on the day of the official US  presidential elections in some States, that is considered a successful key element toward winning the presidential office.

From now on to the 3rd of November, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will start on heavily traveling around the country to gain their supporters’ views.

In 2016 Donald Trump gained the massive approval of the 6th exclusive states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Northern Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Now and after four years, according to Real Clear Politics Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas can vote for Joe Biden.


It’s not in Donald’s  J Trump favor to lose Florida, since it holds the 29 electoral votes and a countless population of immigrants descending from Cuba, alongside some retired people, making up a very conservative traditional group.

Joe Biden on the other side is ahead of Trump by less than two points, he is hoping on catching the attention of the youth populations’ in the cities especially Latinos who by the way are sensitive towards immigration.

Thanks to Elderly people, Donald J Trump has won the State’s votes with a small difference, Despite that fact,  Florida was one of the most damageable states by Covid 19 and the white house is likely punished for the lack of controlling the matter.

Northern Carolina

In 2016 Donald J Trump counted on the support of the white people, the countryside, and the elderly along with the English population.

Joe Biden has to win the votes of African Americans and the younger generation to win the 15th votes of this State.

Statistics show that the former vise president and the only Democratic candidate Joe Biden is currently ahead by three points.


In 2016 Donald Trump was able to take over the 20th votes of this traditional democratic state in which it was noticing an industrial withdrawal.

Now Trump is promising to revive the State’s Industry if he were elected a president again.


In 2016 Hilary Clinton ignored this state and its 10th votes, as a consequence the state voted for Trump. This time Joe Biden is in advance by 6 points. But the competition is likely a fierce one due to quarrels between anti-racism protestors and Yamani militias which ended by the death of two-person by the end of August.


Donald Trump succeeded in gaining the 16th votes of this historically Democratic state by the year of 2016, pledging that he will help in the flourishment of this former industrial territory.

The Democrats are counting on the white people’s votes with the blacks and the trade union society.

With his 7 points difference, Joe Biden is betting on the popularity of Trump’s fierce rival Gretchen Whitmer who has been under the threat of kidnapping by a fanatic Yamani militia.


Joe Biden is attempting to heavily strike this state which is situated in the southeast of the united states represented by 11th votes, taking into consideration that this state did not vote for the Democrats since 1996.

Biden is in advance by 4 points in this state and he is relying on the votes of the Latinos youth in the urban areas, who in favor helped Kriste Sinema win a seat in the Senates in the year of 2018.

Due to Trump’s distortion of Vietnam’s war hero John McCain’s reputation, a lot of the state’s conservatives disagree and oppose him. But he is gaining the back up of the anti-immigration supporters, in which they agree on the building of a wall on the Mexican borders ever since the death of McCain in 2018.


Despite winning Trump on Hilary Clinton by 16th votes in the state of Georgia in 2016, the latest juveniles indicate that he is a bit late compared to Joe Biden, who is depending on the votes of 32 percent of the black population in the area, with the traditional Democrats’ votes in the urban territories.

To convince the voters, Trump is leading a plan to better the economical status of African Americans.

Another target is the white women of the wealthy class of the area.


Donald was able to succeed drastically in this religious agricultural state. Characterized by its low density and the white majority population, this state voted for Obama twice in the years 2008 and 2012.

It is highly expected that the 6th voters would vote for Joe Biden who is ahead of president Trump by 1.2 points, because of the trade war between China and Brazil and the economical crisis due to Covid 19.


With its 18th votes, Ohio is considered as one of the most diverse states demographically and politically as well.

By a difference of 8 points and also attracting the frustrated Democrats Donald Trump won the election in 2016.

Joe Biden is trying to win their support back, while the Billionaire president did not fulfill his promises of creating more job opportunities in this state, in which the farmers are worried about an economic crisis.


With 38 votes, Texas is another state that Donald Trump has to win it to his side.

Trump is winning the state by 4 points, he is gambling upon his anti-immigration politic, supporting the oil industry. But this does not mean that Biden cannot make a difference and win Texas’s votes, which is known for its support for the Democrats each year, that is thanks to the diversity in the area, and the growth of the Hispanic society since the 1980s, alongside the backing up of the urban Academic graduates




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