Watch .. terrifying moments when "Tepki" rapper was exposed to fire during filming
Turkish singer Karim Gulsoy during his exposure to fire

Turkish accounts and local media circulated videos for a moment showing a well-known rapper nicknamed “Tepki” a fire while filming a video clip, apparently as a result of a technical error.

In one of the clips, singer Karim Golsoy, nicknamed “Tepki” appears descending from the top of a staircase, according to the directions of a director behind the camera that is filming him, before a flame explosion appeared in the background as a visual effect, but some flames fell on his back and head.

In another clip, the members of the filming and directing group are shown rushing to extinguish the fire and to check on the safety of the singer, who was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

After the accident, Gulsoy reassured his followers through his Instagram account, writing, “I am receiving treatment after we had a fire accident… Thank you.”

Then the singer appeared in a new video that he posted on his Instagram account to reassure his followers and appear in good health after he wrapped his head with a bandage as a result of the simple burn he had suffered.



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