nurse in New York receives the nation's first COVID-19 vaccine
American nurse Sandra Lindsay receives the first Pfizer-Bionic vaccine in the United States

On Monday, a nurse in New York, Sandra Lindsay, received the first vaccine against Covid-19 in the United States, the country most affected by the emerging coronavirus in the world.

US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “The first vaccine received. I congratulate the United States. I congratulate the world.”

Intensive care nurse Sandra Lindsey received the vaccine in front of cameras at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, a large hospital in Queens.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo watched her inoculation via video technology and quickly congratulated her, saying, “I hope this gives you (and gives) the nurses who work here every day a sense of safety and more efficiency” at work.

And Lindsay smiled and said after receiving the injection in her arm, “I am completely fine. I did not feel any difference from the other vaccines.”

This marks the beginning of a large-scale vaccination campaign across the country, as the epidemic continues to spread, with nearly 2,500 daily deaths and more than 16 million infections counted.

“We need months before the vaccine covers a large number of people. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, the long tunnel,” Cuomo said, calling on Americans to continue to respect health instructions during the holidays.


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