Trump star on Hollywood Avenue of Fame

The Donald Trump star on Hollywood’s “Celebrity Avenue” was sabotaged by a pickaxe by a man disguised as a superhero, Hulk.

James Lambert Otis (56 years), who identifies himself on “Twitter” as a “non-violent activist”, has made public his action on social networking sites. The police identified him through video recordings of the incident that took place last week, and he was released on Monday evening on bail.

“I was arrested again. The charge is a felony of sabotage,” Otis posted on his Twitter account.

Otis also followed his tweet with a photo to secure his release.


The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which manages “Avenue of Fame” stars, estimated the damage at more than $ 3,000.

Videos appeared on YouTube from different angles, showing “Hulk” sabotaging the star at night, amidst the amazement of passers-by.

This is not the first time that James Otis has ruined this star, and in 2016 he expressed his contempt for Donald Trump and his behavior, saying, “I am tired of Trump’s offensive language towards women and his actions and acts of sexual violence that he commits against them,” referring to the sexual assault accusations made by him. Women to the US President.

Otis revealed that four members of his family had been subjected to sexual violence, and “it is a matter that touches me closely.”

This star was vandalized several times. For example, an artist placed a miniature wall around it to denounce Trump’s project to build a wall on the border with Mexico. A swastika was drawn on it again, and it was also covered with paint and stool.



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