One woman pushed a gigantic truck

A videotape shows a superwoman in her 30s pushing a huge truck loaded with milk after she tripped over the road due to snowfall.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published a video showing the woman driving the huge truck, which was swinging on the road towards a small hill, due to the snowstorm.

The newspaper described the “superwoman” because of this powerful act, which many men are unable to do.

It turns out that the woman is called Charlene Leslie, and she is 33 years old, and she works as an employee in a “supermarket” in the town of Cowdenbeath, in the “Fife” region, eastern Scotland.

The accident took place, last Tuesday when a driver lost control of a truck belonging to the famous “Graham” company.

Charlene was with her children heading to a store in the area, and when she saw the driver’s grant, he asked a neighbor to take care of her two children, and she came to the driver’s rescue and pull him out of his ordeal.

The footage showed Charlene’s force in pushing the truck at a time when it was snowing.

Charlene said in a press statement that she cannot remain idly by when she sees someone in distress.

She added, “What I did is dangerous, but fortunately I was able to move the truck to the top of the street (the safety zone).”

In recognition of its noble action, the “Graham” Company gave “Super Mommy” a free subscription to its dairy products for one year.



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