video: Snoop Dogg criticizes the lyrics of the WAP erotic song

American rapper “Snoop Dogg” criticized the famous singer “Cardi B” and “Megan The Stallion” for their vulgar style and bold, rude words in their latest WAP hit songs, which have received great resonance and fame around the world.

“Snoop Dogg” asked the two rappers to calm down and slow down their boldness, and raised concerns about what he called a lack of “privacy and intimacy” in the sexually charged words.

During an interview with Julissa Bermudez on Central Ave, the legendary rapper (49) praised both Cardi B and Megan Stallion for expressing themselves but raised concerns about the impression their music could make on younger women when It is about their bodies and their sexuality.

Snoop Dogg said, “Oh my God, take it easy, and let us have some imagination … let’s have some privacy and intimacy, as we want to discover that instead of telling us … That should be a precious property for the woman, for this is your gem of the Nile.”

He added, “This is what you should stick to, it must be a property that no one knows until you allow it.”

Meanwhile, he gave the star a check for 10 million pounds to be the advertising face of Corona beer.



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