Capitol Senate
Capitol Senate

On Monday, journalists and media outlets in the United States released a video of smoke billowing near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

US media reported that Washington, DC, was closed, and entry or exit was prevented due to an external security threat.

According to preliminary information, the participants in the inauguration exercises on the western side of the Congress were evacuated.

For his part, the US Secret Service said in a tweet on “Twitter” that the closure of the Capitol complex is temporary and does not threaten the public, stressing that directives have been issued to members of Congress and its employees to remain in their places during the investigation of the matter.

The police stated that they had ordered the closure of the Capitol complex and prevented entry to and exit from it due to an external security threat, explaining that there is no current shooting at or inside the Capitol complex.

The media quoted officials as saying that the Congressional shutdown and the evacuation of participants in the inauguration drills were caused by a fire several blocks away and was not believed to be a threat.

And it became clear how smoke rose behind a building near the Capitol after CNN reported that alarms in the Capitol building went off to urge those in attendance not to leave due to an external security threat.

And NBC reported that the fire that broke out near the Capitol was caused by a fire in a camp for the homeless.

Source: American media


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