Violence and riots in the Capitol building
Violence and riots in the Capitol building

Activists and media outlets circulated a video documenting the killing of a former US Air Force woman, during the violence and riots in the US Capitol building last Wednesday.

The video confirmed that the woman named Ashley Babbitt (35 years) was shot dead by security personnel inside the headquarters of Congress when a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump tried to storm the clinic of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The video shows that the protesters, with whom Babbitt was in their ranks, gathered in front of the corridor doors leading to the office of the Speaker of Parliament, behind the parliament meeting room.

The protesters, one of whom raised the American flag, shouted insulting words against lawmakers and security personnel who were protecting the doors of the corridor, then some broke glass doors, while the police officer retreated behind the doors.

The video showed that an officer shot Babet when she tried to sneak into the corridor in response to calls from other protesters.

Babbitt was one of five people (including a police officer) who were killed as a result of the violence and riots that broke out inside the Capitol last Wednesday.

Source: RT + “Associated Press”


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