Video: Michael B. Jordan is the most exciting man for 2020
Michael B. Jordan

People magazine announced the name of the star who won the title “The Most Exciting Man of 2020”, after the American singer “John Legend” won the title last year.

As for the title winner, the handsome American star “Michael B. Jordan”, aged 33 years, announced his victory on Jimmy Kimmel Live with its creative presenter, Jimmy Kimmel, and even unveiled the cover of the magazine that carried his photo and new title.

Speaking to People magazine about receiving the honor, Jordan joked that there are women in his family that “are proud of this honor.”

He continued: “When my grandmother was alive, she used to collect the magazine issues. From then on my mother began to read them a lot naturally, and so did my aunts too…This issue will have a place of its own.

The winner last year was singer “John Legend” and “Idris Elba” held the title the previous year.


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