Video... A manatee Florida was found with the name of Trump engraved on the back
Manatee has the name Trump on its body.

Yesterday, US officials searched for the perpetrators of engraving the word “Trump” on the back of an aquatic mammal known as a manatee Florida.

A shocking video of this huge animal with President Donald Trump’s name engraved on it has proliferated, prompting an investigation by officials of the US Fishing and Wildlife Service. The manatee is considered an endangered aquatic animal in Florida and is protected by the Endangered Species Act, according to the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper.

Although this animal appeared to be completely healthy, harassment of these animals is a federal criminal offense of the first degree. The punishment for the perpetrators of this crime is a fine of $ 50,000 or one year in prison, according to the newspaper.

Video... A manatee Florida was found with the name of Trump engraved on the back

The animal was found in the headwaters of the Homosassa River, in Florida, 80 miles from Orlando. The fishing and wildlife authorities have asked anyone with information about the act, which is considered political, to call them at 888-404-3922.

Wildlife official Craig Kavanagh told the Chronicle that his team is following the available information, but it is rare for anyone to tamper with wildlife in the area. “From my experience, this behavior is alien to the region’s society,” Kavanagh said.

The area is accustomed to the flow of manatees at this time of the year, as they are attracted by the waters of the springs that feed the river Nawal, which is close to the banks. This makes it easier for swimmers to reach these animals.

Trump’s message on the back of a manatee comes as the US Congress is considering impeaching US President Trump and trying him, although he has only a few days left in power.



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