Video .. Demonstrations in Chile against the president and condemnation of violence against women
Protests in Chile are set on fire

Chile has witnessed widespread protests in the last two days, as many citizens participated in demonstrations denouncing violence against women, and protesting against the government’s abolition of a bill that was in favor of retirees.

The protesters expressed their anger, set fire to bus stops, and threw stones at the police in the Chilean capital, Santiago, in protest against the government’s abolition of a bill allowing citizens to withdraw part of their retirement money in light of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, and demanding the resignation of Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

The demonstrations saw the use of water and tear gas by the police to disperse and drive away from the protesters.

On Thursday, the women chanted for the second time after widespread protests in 2019, “The rapist is the repressive state,” “the rapist is you,” according to Sputnik.

The agency indicated that the demonstrators explained that “the government failed to protect women during the pandemic, and evidence of this is the continued occurrence of women victims of violence.”

On Friday, the demonstrators demanded the release of those detained in the protests, who numbered about 25 people, according to “CNN”.

Agence France-Presse” journalists reported, “Dozens of demonstrators who inhaled chemicals vomited and fell on the ground.”


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