The bag contains a device and the symbol for launching nuclear missiles
The bag contains a device and the symbol for launching nuclear missiles

President-elect, Joe Biden, on Wednesday, received the nuclear bag briefcase from the team of outgoing President Donald Trump.

The receipt of the nuclear bag came just before Biden’s inauguration ceremony at the Capitol Building (Congress).

And video clips that were circulated on the media showed the moment the nuclear bag was received at Parliament.

The bag contains equipment and documents that US presidents use to document their orders and launch a nuclear strike. He always carries a military assistant accompanying the president wherever he goes.

On the day of the inauguration, the briefcase is usually handed over to another military aide standing on or near the podium while the president-elect is sworn in.

Under the US Constitution, the president retains all his powers until the moment the new president takes office and takes the oath at noon on the day of the inauguration, so the portfolio is delivered there.

But these matters were somewhat complicated after Trump refused to attend the inauguration ceremony and left Washington hours earlier for his new residence in Florida.

Fox News said the path of delivery of the nuclear bag was long.

She added that the bag is, in fact, two “inactive” one that remained in Washington and was received by Biden’s team to be activated after the inauguration, and the other remained with Trump on his last flight via Air Force One, to be deactivated at noon simultaneously. With the inauguration ceremony.

Contrary to popular belief, the nuclear bag does not contain buttons or symbols that can fire a nuclear weapon automatically, but rather equipment and documents that the president uses to order a nuclear strike.

The bag consists of a strong aluminum frame, covered with black leather, containing a communication device attached to the Ministry of Defense, which the president uses to communicate and prove his identity when he deems it necessary to launch a nuclear attack and directs orders that the Pentagon continues to implement.

In addition, the president has a plastic card that accompanies him wherever he goes and contains symbols used to confirm his identity, as he is the person who has the only legal authority to authorize any nuclear launch.


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