USA: Washington announces the entry into force of "sanctions" against Tehran ... and Moscow condemns
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Saturday that the United Nations sanctions against Iran “have entered into force again,” warning of “consequences” if the UN member states fail to implement these sanctions.

Pompeo’s statement comes despite his country’s isolation in this regard, as other major powers, including European countries’ allies of Washington, confirm to the contrary that sanctions will not be re-imposed and that there is no legal effect of the American action.

“If member states of the United Nations fail to fulfill their duties to implement these sanctions, the United States is prepared to use our internal powers to impose consequences for these failures and to ensure that Iran does not reap the benefits of the United Nations blocking this action,” Pompeo added.

Russian denunciation
In the first official comment by Russia, the State Department condemned in a statement the “illegal US declaration” about imposing sanctions on Iran, adding that the Kremlin will continue to work closely with the international community on the Iranian file.

“By their very nature, the unlawful initiatives and actions of the United States cannot have international legal consequences for other countries,” the statement said, noting that Moscow would ensure the implementation of the articles of the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

‘False allegation’
Trump is expected to address the details of these measures during his upcoming speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, which comes before the presidential elections scheduled for November 3, in which he seeks to win a second term.

But Washington appears almost alone in its position on this issue as all the other major powers – China, Russia, and European countries – stood in the way.

A joint French-British-German letter sent Friday to the Security Council stated that “any decision or action to return” sanctions “will have no legal effect.”

“Unify ranks”
Iran called on the world to “unite ranks” in the face of Washington’s reckless moves, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

The Foreign Minister, Muhammad Javad Zarif, previously considered today that the Americans “themselves realize that this (re-activating sanctions) is a false claim.”

This dispute between the United States and the rest of the major powers goes back to at least a month. In mid-August, the Trump administration suffered a painful defeat in the UN Security Council when it tried to extend the ban on sending conventional weapons to Tehran, which was due to expire in October.

Pompeo strongly denounced France, Britain, and Germany, accusing them of “siding with the ayatollahs” of Iranians. On August 20, it activated the controversial “Snapback” mechanism, which aims to re-impose all sanctions on Iran a month later.

These sanctions were lifted in 2015 when Tehran pledged under the international agreement over its nuclear program that it would not seek to acquire nuclear weapons.

However, Trump considers this agreement negotiated by his predecessor, President Barack Obama, insufficient, withdrew the United States from it in 2018, and reimposed and even tightened US sanctions on Iran.



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