USA: I can't breathe a clacket a third time ... an American policeman attacked a black man, and the authorities dismiss the perpetrator

A Georgia policeman said after a videotape was leaked that showed him beating a black citizen during a routine traffic control operation.

It seems that the dilemma of free violence practiced by some American policemen against blacks will not be lifted soon, despite the loud voices condemning this phenomenon, which brings to mind a dark era in US history and despite the growth of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement.

The security man, who works as a deputy to a police captain in Clayton County, Georgia, was fired on charges of “excessive use of force,” according to a statement from the office of the police chief of the said district. The statement did not mention the name of the dismissed officer but revealed that a criminal investigation had been opened at the local public prosecutor’s office.

Roderick Walker, 26, was arrested on Friday and severely beaten after he was stopped by security agents during a traffic control while he was driving with his companion and their five-month-old baby, in addition to another child from a first marriage for the mentioned. The victim’s lawyer, Shane Williams, said the arrest was carried out under the pretext that Walker did not respect the sign.

According to the same source, the policemen asked him for his identity papers before they became furious and forced him to get out of the car when Walker asked them why, since the car was parked anyway.

“I can not breathe..”
A passerby documented the moment when two policemen slumped on Walker with all their weight, and one of them extended the beating of the victim, while his companion was heard screaming as she told them that Walker could not breathe because the two men were crammed on his chest, just as the voice of the child was heard calling out to my father, my father.

This sentence brings to mind what happened to two American citizens, Eric Garner in 2014 and George Floyd in 2020, who uttered the same sentence before they died in the hands of the police.

Fearing the impact that documenting the incident might leave by the person who was filming, the policeman said the article while placing the handcuffs in Walker’s hands that the latter had bitten him, which the lawyer denied, saying: “My client was trying to save his life until he lost consciousness twice during the beating. The police to him.

In addition to the widely spread video, a picture of Walker was shown in custody, with bruises on his left eye from the intensity of the punches he received at the hands of the dismissed policeman.


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