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Tropical Storm Beta reached the coast of the US state of Texas late Monday night.

According to the American National Hurricane Center, the storm made landfall about five miles north of “Port O’Connor” in the state of Texas, with winds of up to 72 kilometers per hour, indicating that the winds of this storm have decreased due to the long distances they traveled to land. Within days.

Beta is the ninth storm to hit the United States this year, and this is a record since 1916, according to hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach of the University of Colorado.

Meteorologists have run out of traditional names for storms, forcing them to use the Latin alphabet, the second time since 1950.

It is not known yet which areas this storm will pass through, and the amount of rain it will carry with it.

The rain had fallen in Houston and other areas on the Texas coast before the storm even made landfall, and videos showed the extent of the damage as a result of the heavy rain, as cars flooded the streets.


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