USA : a package addressed to President Trump containing ricin toxinUS media reported Saturday that the authorities had intercepted an envelope addressed to President Donald Trump, containing a substance identified as ricin.

The message was discovered at the beginning of the week but did not reach the White House, according to what was reported by “The New York Times” and “CNN”.

The Times reported that the envelope was believed to have been sent by post from Canada. Mail destined for the White House is checked and sorted first at facilities outside Washington.

CNN indicated that the content of the envelope was checked several times before making sure that it contained ricin.

“The office, in cooperation with the US Secret Service and the Postal Inspection Service, is investigating a suspicious letter received by a US government post office,” a statement by the FBI said in Washington.

“Currently there is no threat to public safety,” he said.

The authorities refused to give additional details about the incident.

The substance ricin that is extracted from castor beans is highly toxic and leads to death within minutes of ingestion, inhaling, or injection, as it causes failure in the functioning of the human body’s organs, and there is no known antidote to it.



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