Acting US Secretary of Defense sends a message to US forces: "The time has come!"
Acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller

Acting US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said in his first message to US forces after President Donald Trump appointed him that the “time to travel home” had come.

“All wars must end … Ending wars requires concessions and partnership. we’ve got met the challenge. we’ve got given it all we’ve got. it’s time to travel home now … to all or any of our soldiers, our sailors,” Miller wrote in an exceeding memo that he sent to all or any of our Defense Ministry personnel. Our pilots, Marines, Coast Guards, space professionals, and civilians: persevere being bold … Together we’ll take our nation to new heights. “

Us remains committed to “ending the war that Al Qaeda dropped at our shores in 2001 … but we must avoid our previous strategic mistake of failing to determine the fight to the tip,” Miller said.

He added that he was “tired of war” like many others, but “this is that the crucial stage during which we transform our efforts from a leadership role to a supportive one. We aren’t a nation of perpetual war – it (war) is that the opposite of everything we signify and that our ancestors fought for.”

Miller took over after President Trump sacked former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, via a Twitter message on Monday.

Source:   Fox News


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