US police kill a gunman who shot during a concert in New York

New York police responded by a gunman who opened fire near a crowd who had gathered in front of a city church to attend a Christmas concert on Sunday.

New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that no citizen was injured during the shooting incident at the thresholds of St. John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan. “The accused was hit in the head at least once, and he died,” he added.

At the crime scene, policemen confiscated two pistols and a bag found nearby that contained a rope, electrical tape, several knives and a bottle of fuel.

An AFP reporter who witnessed the incident reported that she saw the man shoot from the stairs of St. John’s Cathedral while leaving a few hundred people who attended a Christmas concert that ended at about 4 pm (16:00 GMT).

“I heard two or three shots, it was really loud,” she said, adding, “I looked up and there was on the stairs about ten meters away a man shooting.”

“I saw the shots and ran away. I ran for my life,” she added.

Witness Marta Stolli said the man fired between eight and ten shots before being shot by police. “He was shooting without aiming at anyone,” she told France Press, adding that he was screaming, “Shoot me, kill me.”


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