A session of the House of Representatives of the US Congress

Today, the US House of Representatives of Congress published a bill calling for the removal of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and accusing him of committing “gross crimes and transgressions” in light of the storming of the Capitol.

The authors of the document, which is expected to be presented to members of the House of Representatives next Wednesday, at the initiative of Democrat David Sasilini, said that Trump, “in violation of the constitutional oath … has been involved in committing serious crimes and abuses by inciting violence against the United States government.”.

The document indicated that Trump “repeatedly issued false allegations claiming that the results of the presidential elections were the result of widespread fraud and should not be accepted by the American people.” Coincided with the congressional sessions to approve the results of the vote

The drafters considered that Trump incited his supporters to storm Congress and practice looting, destruction, and killing in it, stressing that by this he showed that he would “continue to represent a threat to national security, democracy, and the constitution if he is allowed to remain in office.”

The document called for “Trump to be removed, tried and removed from his office,” while preventing him from holding any position in the United States.

On the evening of January 6, a group of Republican Trump supporters stormed the Congress headquarters during a session to approve the results of the presidential election, which was won by the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, after a rally in which the current US president refused to recognize the victory of his rival.

Police units and special forces were later able to clear the congressional building of the intruders for lawmakers to announce their approval of the results of the vote, and these unprecedented disturbances led to the killing of 5 people, including a police officer and a woman who was shot dead by a member of the security services and 3 people who died due to “accidents that required an ambulance.” Soon, at least 68 others were arrested, while Trump pledged after these events to implement an organized process of transferring power.

Against the background of these events, the White House reported that a number of employees in the Trump administration submitted their resignations, while Democrats in Congress moved to remove the president from power with the support of some Republican lawmakers.

This initiative to impeach Trump is the second of its kind, as another attempt launched by Democrats in the House of Representatives in 2019 has already failed.

Source: “CNN” + agencies


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