S-400 missile system
S-400 missile systemS-400 missile system
The Defense Blog reports that the United States conducted military exercises under the title Emerald Flag in the southeastern state of Florida, during which troops were trained to destroy Russian weapons Among these weapons  Russian “S-400” and “Su-34

The site cited one of the pictures of the US Air Force showing Russian “S-400” and “Su-34” fighters, in addition to submarines that simulate “enemy targets” that were targeted during the exercises.

The site indicated that the American forces used copies of the Russian “T-72” tanks during the exercises.

The US forces used ground and air weapons, computer technology, and satellites during the exercises.

Commenting on the American maneuvers, the Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov said in an interview with the Russian newspaper “Vzgliad”, that the maneuvers are very different from real combat operations, stressing that the “S-400” systems and “Su-34” fighters are among the best military equipment in the world, and not It is easy to destroy.

The use of Russian equipment during the exercises was seen as evidence that the United States was preparing for a war against Russia.

Source: Novosti


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