Tik Tok
The initial decision of the US administration prevented local companies from downloading the “Tik Tok” application.
The administration of the ” Tik Tok” application confirmed that the US government postponed the ban on the application for a week, until December 4.

“The American Commission for International Investment granted TikTok an extension for an additional week from November 27 to December 4, 2020,” a notice sent by the application’s owners to the Washington court said.

And American media reported, “The Ministry of Commerce has not yet implemented an effective ban on the application, while the courts were looking into cases in this regard.”

The US administration affirms that “the application can be linked to the Chinese authorities and can spy on users”, which is denied by the Chinese company “ByteDance”, which owns the application.

The US administration’s initial decision prevented local companies from downloading the TikTok app.

Source: “Novosti”


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