bomb deal
Donald Trump and Prince Mohammed ben Salman

On Tuesday, the US State Department approved a deal to sell a group of weapons and military equipment to a number of Arab countries, including a $ 290 million bomb deal in favor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a move that the outgoing President Donald Trump seems intent on implementing in the last moments before his exit From the White House.

The British Guardian newspaper reported that the Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US State Department announced the approval of a deal for anti-missile defense equipment worth $ 104 million for the plane of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and precision targeting devices for the benefit of the Egyptian war at a value of $ 65.6 million.

In addition to bombs, ammunition, and a number of related equipment for Saudi Arabia, worth $ 290 million, and a $ 4 billion sale of Apache helicopters to Kuwait. These deals are being opposed at home, especially in Congress, because of the “human rights records” of the regimes that benefit from these weapons.

Critics of the deals said they destabilize the region, describing them as rewards for the human rights violations that are taking place in a number of countries, such as Yemen, because of the Saudi and UAE-led war there.

“The Trump administration is rushing to deliver arms gifts to Saudi Arabia despite its unfortunate human rights record,” the Guardian quoted the Executive Director of Democracy in the Arab World Now (founded by Jamal Khashoggi), Sarah Leah Whitson.

While the director of the weapons and security program at the Center for International Policy “Think Tang”, William Hartung, said that “the sale of weapons in the Middle East continues under President Trump, criticizing” the sale of more bombs to Saudi Arabia, given its history of indiscriminate airstrikes that killed thousands of civilians in Yemen … If Congress cannot prevent them (the deals), then the Biden administration should do so. ”


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