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The Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice and the British Michael Hughton won the Nobel Prize for the year 2020 in the field of medicine for their discovery of the hepatitis C virus.

The Nobel Prize jury at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said this morning, “The three virologists have been honored for their decisive contribution to combating hepatitis, which is a major global health problem that causes cirrhosis and liver cancer for people from all over the world.”

Last year, Americans William Caillin and Greg Simonza and Britain’s Sir Peter Ratcliffe won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering molecular mechanisms by which cells sense the oxygen content and adapt to its levels.

Prizes are usually awarded to the winners annually on the 10th of December. Organizers earlier said that due to the pandemic, winners in the science, literature, and peace categories are more likely to receive their prizes in their home countries than to travel to Stockholm, Sweden, to attend an award ceremony.

A gold medal will be awarded to the prize winner, along with prize money of 10 million Swedish kronor (956,000 euros).


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