US President Donald Trump announced that he was infected with the Coronavirus, the micro-blogging site, Twitter, prompting some users to publicly wish Trump had died due to Covid-19 disease.

However, Twitter announced that it does not allow tweets that wish or hope for death or serious physical harm or fatal disease against anyone, and that this content “violates our rules.”

Twitter said in a tweet on Friday that it will remove Tweets that violate this policy. This policy will apply to people who wish to die for Trump.

Twitter explained that this does not mean suspending accounts automatically, in response to media outlets that said that users will be suspended, citing a statement from Twitter, which is slightly inconsistent with Twitter’s general statement on its private platform.

US President Donald Trump arrived at Walter Reed Military Medical Center by helicopter earlier today, Friday, to be treated for the Coronavirus.

Trump announced, earlier Friday, that he and his wife had contracted the new Coronavirus, while his administration confirmed that he suffers from slight symptoms and continues to perform his work, in a development that comes about a month before the presidential elections that will be held on November 3.


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