Twitter launches a feature that tweets disappear after 24 hours

The company “Twitter” announced that it will launch a feature of the disappearance of tweets in the world 24 hours after their publication, which is called “Fleets”.

The popular social networking site Twitter has tested this feature in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea.

The company said that these tweets will be available to all users on the (iOS) and (Android) operating systems in the coming days.

“Some of you tell us that tweeting is uncomfortable because it appears public and always forever, and there is a lot of pressure to rally for repost and likes,” said design director Joshua Harris and product director Sam Huffison in a blog post.

“Because they disappear after one day, these tweets helped people feel more comfortable sharing normal personal thoughts, opinions, and feelings,” they added.

One-day Tweets, which include text, images, and videos, will be available at the top of each user’s homepage as well as on their page.


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