The US president uses Twitter extensively and has two accounts on the site

On Friday, Twitter announced measures to prevent the publication of tweets announcing the victory or victory of a candidate in the elections, with the approaching presidential elections in the United States of America, scheduled to take place on the third of next November.

The procedure includes all users of the site, including the accounts of the candidates themselves, i.e. US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden in this case.

Twitter stated, “It is not possible for any user – to announce his victory in the elections before it is officially announced.”

The site also stated that the tweets will be allowed to be published only after the announcement of the preliminary and final results of the elections by government agencies responsible for the elections or by two large American media outlets that publish the results independently.

Twitter has not specifically identified any media, but Fox News, CNN, ABC News, and The Associated Press often announce the results.

The aim of the action taken by the platform is to prevent the spread and circulation of false or false news on its space as the electoral election approach.

On Tuesday, Twitter and Facebook deleted a tweet (on Twitter) and a post (on Facebook) by President Trump, in which he downplayed the Coronavirus when he referred to “the approaching date of the flu”, which he said kills more lives than the Covid-19 virus.

The two signatories stated that the post violates their policy and promotes false news regarding the emerging coronavirus.

Twitter has recently stepped up measures aimed at preventing any false news, as in September, it placed a ticker or special tag on tweets that may carry false news during the presidential debate that brought together Trump and Biden.

By clicking on the indicator installed on the tweet, you can go to official websites related to the published information.


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