On the “day of the greatest encounter” the distance between Earth and Mars decreases until it reaches 57 million kilometers, and this happens once every 15 years

On October 13th, the planet Mars will rise at sunset in an astronomical phenomenon known as “opposition”, in which the planet is opposite the sun from the other side of the earth. If the sun sets, it shines, and if it shines in the west.

Mars is in orbit

The planet Mars revolves around the sun in a cycle of less than two Earth years (1.8 years) known as the “stellar cycle”, but it meets the Earth at a close point between them once every 2.13 years, which is the “conjunction cycle” because it connects Mars with the Earth and the sun in one line at a distance It is the lowest between them.

In each encounter, the distance between the two planets decreases until it reaches 57 million kilometers on the day of the “greatest encounter” that occurs once every 15 years, and the last time was two years ago on July 27, 2018, and before that on August 28, 2003, and the distance between them increases until it reaches 400 million kilometers when the planet is on the opposite side of us in its orbit around the sun.

In its current encounter with Earth, which takes place on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the distance between us and Mars will be about 63 million km, which will allow amateurs to observe it with their telescopes.



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