Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The head of the Democratic prosecutors’ team at Donald Trump‘s Senate trial, Jimmy Ruskin, announced Saturday that they want a Republican lawmaker to testify.

This step, according to “France Press“, means delaying the vote on the ruling and a possible acquittal for Trump.

Ruskin said at the start of the fifth day of the court session that he would summon Jamie Herrera Butler, the MP who reported that the Republican leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump contacted during the attack on the Capitol building on January 6.

5 Republicans voted for all 50 Democrats to hear witnesses.

Trump is being tried by the US Congress for inciting violence in unprecedented events in US history.

At least 5 people were killed and dozens were injured, after thousands of Trump supporters stormed the headquarters of the US Congress, known as the “Capitol”, in an attempt to disrupt the approval of Biden’s election as president, last January.

The storming came after they heard a speech delivered by Trump in front of the White House, and it was described as inciting because he spoke about “fighting” against “fake results,” which are the words that Democrats rely on in trying to try Trump.

They say that if he is not found guilty, he will do it again in the future.

And it looks unlikely that Democrats will secure a conviction and prevent Trump from holding public office again given that only 6 Republicans voted with Democrats in the 100-seat House of Representatives to begin the trial.

The conviction needs the approval of two-thirds of the council’s members, which means the support of at least 17 Republican members.

Trump’s trial is nearing an end, with the possibility of his acquittal rising, especially with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell revealing, on Saturday, that he will vote against Trump’s conviction.

“I will vote for the acquittal,” McConnell wrote in a message to colleagues reported by the media, making it extremely likely that Democrats will fail to secure a two-thirds majority in the Senate to convict Trump of inciting the revolt.


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