Resort Maralago Florida

Sources told CNN that former President Donald Trump’s permanent residence in the resort of “Maralago” in Florida is under threat, due to doubts about its legality.

Trump had chosen to live in his resort in Palm Beach, since his term as President of the United States ended on January 20.

However, Trump’s choice is currently under legal review, said Crick Plowden, president of Palm Beach, where the resort is located, to CNN.

Trump bought the resort in 1985 and later turned it into a members-only club in 1993, with some restrictions on accommodation there.

Among these restrictions that Trump himself signed years ago, members, including the former president, cannot spend more than 7 consecutive days in “Marallago”, and they cannot stay there for more than a total of 3 weeks per year.

However, Trump has already exceeded these numbers, as he used to frequent the resort many times during his presidency, and then decided to make the resort his permanent home after leaving the White House.

“This matter is subject to legal review by City Attorney John Skape Randolph. The attorney reviews our Declaration of Use Agreement and our rules of orders, to determine if Trump can live in Maralago,” Blowen said.

It is not clear when the review will take place, but the mayor of Palm Beach said the issue may be on the agenda of the next city council meeting, scheduled for February 9, noting that the agenda has not been published yet.

The “Trump Organization” confirmed in a previous statement issued last December, that “there is no document or agreement that prohibits Trump from using Maralago as a residence.”

Earlier, the Washington Post published a letter sent by a number of Trump’s neighbors in Palm Beach to city officials, saying that the former president is “prohibited by law from staying at the resort,” citing the agreement he signed in 1993.

The neighbors asked that the president be officially informed that he could not make the resort his permanent residence, and they called on local officials to “avoid an embarrassing situation” after his term expires and leaves the White House.



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