Trump's cleansing campaign is dangerous and expanding
Trump’s cleansing campaign is dangerous and expanding

The Washington Post warned in its editorial today that US President Donald Trump not only beheaded the Defense Department by sacking Secretary Mark Esper but is now determined to cut off the parties of the various intelligence services in the United States.

The newspaper said that the future of CIA Director Gina Haspel is in the wind, and that FBI Director Christopher Ray is also threatened with dismissal from his post, and the Trump administration has removed senior officials in the Department of Homeland Security from their posts and is expected Those who remain will be fired from his job at the earliest time.

She pointed out that the dismissal of the Department of Homeland Security officials comes within the framework of the loyalty test imposed by the Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel in the White House, John McKinty, and the judge to separate those who do not show absolute loyalty to Trump.

The head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs, also recently expressed to his aides his fear of being sacked. Cripps and several local officials issued a joint statement this week, declaring that this year’s presidential election is “the safest in American history,” which could be considered a sin in the eyes of the Trump administration.

The Washington Post said the possibility that Trump’s cleansing campaign will extend to the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security is of concern, given the agency’s close association with election protection that Trump has been challenging its integrity without evidence.

According to the newspaper, employees of the Department of Homeland Security who are dismissed from their jobs pay the price for their honesty about the election results and are punished for their exemplary performance during the electoral process.


The Washington Post warned of the danger of targeting the employees of the Cybersecurity Agency and said that what is happening is a very serious matter, especially in light of the threats facing the rest of the national security services, which may explain the reaction of some Republicans in Congress against the possible dismissal of Haspel from its post.

Source: Washington Post



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