Systematic rigging votes
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany
Kayleigh McEnany, a Trump campaign advisor and White House spokesperson, said that “Systematic rigging votes” would be exposed through the courts, accusing the media of “complicity” in announcing the victory of Joe Biden.

In her interview with Fox News, she explained that the campaign has 234 certificates of fraud in Michigan, as well as other testimonies in Pennsylvania for voters who said they discovered that the state counted votes in their name through the mail without sending them.

She added, “The separation will be through our judicial system, which the media cannot oppose. The 73 million people who elected this president have a voice, and he will be heard.”

The current data published by the media and centers concerned with monitoring the US elections indicate a clear victory for Biden, who has so far received 306 votes from the delegates of the 538-member electoral college, while Trump reaped, according to expectations, the support of only 232 of them, but the official results of the race were not announced. distance.

Trump has repeatedly emphasized that he does not intend to admit his defeat before ensuring a “fair count” of votes, and his team has filed lawsuits in a number of pivotal states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Source: Agencies


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