donald trump
Donald trump

US President Donald Trump has denied reports about the possibility of large debts owing to his family’s “Trump Organization” to banks in Russia and other countries.

“No, I do not owe money to Russia, I have debts in the form of very small mortgage loans,” Trump said during a Thursday evening meeting with voters in Miami, Florida, without specifying who owes them money in these loans.

The US President was asked to clarify whether he owes any foreign banks ’debts, and he responded by saying,“ I do not know anything like that.

Trump commented on what was reported by the media in previous times about the debts owed by his family’s company, amounting to 421 million dollars, saying: “The numbers they released are all wrong.” Is $ 400 million compared to the assets that I own? ”

It is noteworthy that Trump’s political opponents have been asking him since the last presidential race to publish tax declarations, while Trump refuses to do so under various pretexts, and stresses in particular that the companies he owns are subject to scrutiny by the relevant regulatory authorities, and therefore it is not desirable to publish information on the declarations. Tax!

The New York Times reported last September that its journalists had seen Trump’s tax returns for more than 20 years, and claimed that it revealed that in 2016 and 2017 Trump paid an income tax in a total amount of only $ 1.5 thousand, while the US President confirmed that this information does not match Indeed.

Accordingly, the newspaper said that Trump will have to pay off about $ 300 million in debt within three years, while the total debt of his family’s company, which Trump personally sponsored, is $ 421 million.


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