TRUMP Twitter is out of control!
TRUMP Twitter is out of control!
US President Donald Trump launched a sharp attack on the social networking site Twitter, after placing a warning flag on another tweet in which the president questioned the integrity of the vote count in the ongoing elections.

Trump stressed again, in a tweet, he posted on his Twitter account at dawn on Friday, that he would easily win the elections if legitimate votes were counted only.

He continued, “The observers were prevented from performing their duties in any way, image or form, and therefore the votes received during this period must be classified as illegal. The Supreme Court must make a decision!”

And “Twitter” placed on this tweet a warning sign stating that it includes “content that is disputed or may be misleading about the way to participate in elections and other civic events.”

Twitter has taken similar measures against 11 other tweets of Trump since the day of the general vote in the US presidential election, ie, the third of November.

After the new measure, Trump broke his silence on this matter and stressed in another tweet that “Twitter” is out of control, adding that the government has made such matters possible by adopting Article 230 of the Communications Etiquette Law, which grants legal immunity to companies operating social media sites…



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