Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump by 14 percentage points in a new poll for The Wall Street Journal and NBC News of the United States, while another poll revealed Trump’s infection with Corona did not bring much sympathy to him.

The poll was conducted in the two days following the debate on Tuesday 29 September, but before Trump tested for the Coronavirus and was admitted to hospital on Friday.

Bloomberg reported that Biden was ahead of Trump in the national poll, winning 53% compared to 39% for the latter, which is the highest margin in his presidential campaign, surpassing his previous peak when the difference was 11 percentage points last July.

Biden’s lead nearly doubled after the debate, from 8 percentage points in a previous poll for The Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

About 44% of voters said Biden beat Trump in the chaotic debate, compared with 24% who said Trump won, and 17% said neither of them won.

“The obvious loser from the debate was Donald Trump,” said Jeff Hewett, a Democratic pollster who conducted the poll with Republican pollster Bill McInturff, and added, “In the short term at least, this hurt his position against Joe Biden.”

In turn, Bill McInturff warned that the poll represented a “direct shock”, and that competition might return after the debate to a stable margin of 8 to 9 points, which was mainly during the past several months.
Reuters Poll

Meanwhile, a less scientifically conducted online poll conducted by Reuters / Ipsos on October 2-3 after Trump was diagnosed, showed a lack of “sympathy” for the president, with 9 out of 10 Democrats saying, And 9 out of 10 Republicans say Trump could have avoided contracting the disease.

In this poll, 51% of the voters surveyed declared their support for Biden, while 41% said they support Trump, 4% chose to vote for a third-party candidate, and 4% said they had not decided yet.

The poll gave few indications of support flowing to President Trump outside the core group of his supporters, some of whom gathered outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the president was hospitalized.


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