US President Donald Trump declined to say whether he still trusted Attorney General William Barr after the latter declared that there was “no evidence” of fraud in the presidential election last month.

Trump questions his confidence in the US attorney general
Trump told reporters that “Barr did not look for any evidence,” describing it as a “disappointment.”

He added, “Ask me, after several weeks from now … They should look into all this fraud and fraud. It is not at all human and it is a crime. These are very bad criminal things.”

He continued, “I will only say this: We passed the elections, and at 10 pm everyone said that it was an easy victory for Trump and suddenly the votes started to miraculously disappear.”

“We found a lot of them, but we found far more votes than we need in almost all of these states,” he added. “I think I can say that in all of these states we got a lot more votes than we need to win each one.”

The US President indicated that he thanks his two teams who “are doing an incredible job … Most importantly, I would like to thank the more than 74 million people who voted … the more than 74 million votes we got.”

“They know it was a rigged election,” he said. “They know that.”

US Attorney General William Barr indicated that “the department did not find any evidence of voter fraud.”

Source: “Reuters”


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