donald trump
Donald trump

As he prepares to issue a list of more than 100 pardons or commutations, before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday, sources revealed whether the outgoing president, Donald Trump, will pardon himself.

Reuters” quoted a source it described as “the insider” as saying that Trump is not yet inclined to issue a decision to pardon himself.

The source pointed out, on condition of anonymity, that Trump does not yet intend to pardon himself, nor does he intend to issue precautionary pardons for his family members, something that he has previously discussed with his advisers.

He added that Trump, who had already issued two sets of pardons last month, met with his advisers on Sunday to finalize a list of more than 100 names that will be included in the pardons and reduced sentences.

And White House advisers had said that Trump had discussed informally with his advisers taking this exceptional step by pardoning himself, but some administration officials warned him about that because he would appear guilty of this decision.

A large number of experts and observers said that the pardon would be an unconstitutional decision because it violates the basic principle that no human being should be the judge in a case in which the accused stands.

Others have argued that pardon is constitutional because the power to pardon is contained in the broad language in the constitution.

Historical texts show that the founders of the state in the eighteenth century debated the idea of ​​pardoning oneself, but chose not to impose an explicit restriction on the power of pardon.

And last week, the Democratic-led House of Representatives charged Trump with inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol building on January 6.

Trump will be tried by the Senate, and if convicted, he may lose his eligibility to run again in the presidential election in 2024.


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