Despite his release from the hospital, the health condition of US President Donald Trump and the repercussions of his infection with the virus still cause a lot of confusion in the United States, while he confirms that he is in good health, and looks forward to his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“Fox News” quoted the White House as saying that President Donald Trump’s situation is improving significantly and quickly, but he has not yet passed the danger stage.

For his part, Trump’s doctor confirmed that he is in very good condition, and that he does not complain of any symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, and that the oxygen level ranges between 95 and 97.

Trump had returned to the White House after 4 days spent in the “Walter Reed” military hospital for treatment of the Coronavirus.

Although his doctors said he was not out of danger, Trump appeared without wearing a muzzle.

In another development, the American “CNN” network – from a source it described as the first – has confirmed that at least one employee, from the military personnel directly assigned to accompany the US President, has been infected with the Coronavirus.

CNN also announced that the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and other officials entered quarantine; After a senior US Coast Guard official was injured in Corona.

For its part, the New York Times likened the White House to a ghost town, after a large number of employees stuck in their homes, amid reports of new infection among military personnel close to President Trump.

Scissors censor networking sites
Twitter deleted a tweet by US President Donald Trump, which he wrote shortly after his release from the hospital.

Twitter said that it deleted the tweet for violating the site’s publishing rules. In the tweet, the US President called on his followers to volunteer as election observers in his campaign and attached the tweet to a photo of his election campaign bearing a slogan calling to fight for President Trump.

Twitter also said that it had hidden Trump’s tweet in which he compared seasonal flu to Corona; It also blocked the feature to share the tweet.

On the other hand, CNN said that Facebook has deleted another post by US President Trump, in which he says that the Coronavirus is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

CNN quoted a Facebook spokesman as confirming that the post violated the site’s rules regarding misleading information about the Coronavirus, which necessitated its removal from the site.

Trump said in the deleted post that influenza season is coming, every year many people sometimes die, more than 100,000, despite the availability of the vaccine. He asked: Should we close down our country? No, we have learned to live with it (influenza), the same way we learn to live with Corona, which is less lethal in most of the population.


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