President Donald Trump was asked to comment on the dismal event of this week, which is the death of two hundred thousand due to COVID 19, and speaking to reporters at the White House, he said that it is “a shame” for the United States to reach this number, but he added that if his administration did not take all measures Necessary, this number would have been “much greater than that”.

Trump added, “I think that if we don’t get these measures right, we will have 2.5 million deaths today.” He added that the United States is now “doing well” and “the stock market is improving.”

Trump has also echoed his repeated accusations that China was responsible for the epidemic and that the death toll could have been much worse.

Trump also said he was “very, very close” to a decision on a Supreme Court candidate to replace the late Justice Ruth Ginsburg.

The president said he plans to announce the candidate on Saturday at 5 p.m. local time.

Trump defended his decision to submit a nomination shortly before Election Day and said he had a “constitutional obligation” to make sure there were 9 judges on the Supreme Court.

He also said it was important that the court was seated fully before the election because the Democrats “are trying to sow chaos and whatever else” by voting by mail.

Trump has repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims that Democrats are seeking to rig the election by urging voters to vote in postal ballots.


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