Donald Trump to his supporters from the White House balcony

Today, Sunday, US President Donald Trump confirmed that he had immunity to Covid-19, a day after the White House doctor published a message saying that the president is “no longer contagious.”

“It seems that I have had immunity to Covid-19 for a long time, maybe for a short period, maybe always. Nobody really knows, but I have immunity,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News.

Trump contracted the Coronavirus last week and was subsequently transferred from the White House to a nearby military hospital, where he received treatment. His injury sparked global reactions, but it turned into political material at home.

Trump had previously refused to wear a muzzle, and the Democrats accused him, especially his opponent in the presidential elections, Joe Biden, of mismanaging the Corona crisis, which led to making the United States the most affected country in the world.

And managing the crisis had a negative impact on Trump, according to an opinion poll published by the Washington Post and ABC News on Sunday, where the poll showed a 12-point lead in favor of Biden.


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